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Best Nic Salt E-Juice – Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

The wildly popular Aqua vape juice collection by Marina Vape is now in Salt Nic form. All five tropical fruit flavors which include, Rainbow Drops, Pure, Flow, Mist and Oasis are available in nicotine dose strengths 35mg and 50mg for use in ultra portable small form factor pod based device systems. Salt nicotine vape juices are not meant to be used with any Sub-Ohm device. Marina Vape is known around the world for their expensive e-juice collections. They have been apart of and created some of the most well known flavors on the market. The vape industry has welcomed Marina Vape since day one. One of Marina Vapes most known e-liquid line is Aqua! Well, now Aqua just got even better with Aqua Salts. This collection of 5 intoxicating flavors will make you needing to try them all.

Refresh with Aqua Salts with their fruity flavors that are perfect for those warm summer days! You won’t believe your taste buds! Yes, Vapoureyes Salts is possible to create such a boozy flavor! Aqua Salts is sure to provide the next vape juice that will become your first choice over all your past favorites.

AQUA SALTS E-JUICE FLAVOR REVIE Indulge in this exotic and alluring fruity e-juice cocktail that will please your cravings from the first hit. This summertime medley of juicy mangoes, tangy pineapple, and ripe guava will keep you refreshed all day long. Flow by Aqua Salts will provide this stimulating flavor from the first drop to the last. On the inhale a rush of a juicy mango flavor will douse your pallet with an intense and authentic taste. Tangy notes from that succulent ripe pineapple flavor will disco across your taste buds. On the exhale a refreshing juicy guava vape juice flavor will wash down those sweet and tart tastes.
Get a mist of this with Mist by Aqua Salts! This flavor-packed fruity fusion will have you feeling like a newer version! This blend of juicy pears and tangy kiwi with a green apple base have a perfected balance of sour and sweet so it won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. On the inhale that luscious pear e-juice flavor will ignite your taste buds with an intense taste. Tart notes from that stimulating kiwi flavor will frolic across your pallet. On the exhale these flavors balance each other out and fuse with that green apple vape juice flavor to provide a splendid ending with each puff.

Go to that tropical oasis you’ve been dreaming about with Oasis by Aqua Salts. This fascinating fusion of savory peaches, ripe cantaloupe, and juicy papaya. This impeccable flavor can only be found from Aqua Salts, so aren’t you lucky! Oasis provides a restoring effect with each puff. On the inhale your pallet with be pleased by an arousing peach vape juice flavor. Your taste buds will become fascinated with that authentic cantaloupe flavor as it smothers your tongue. On the exhale a blitz of that exotic juicy papaya flavor will provide an energizing ending.